Est. 2017

Our Story

The Barun company’s research originated from the nail artists’ needs.

Barun’s CEO, Mr. Woo Song Hwang, has been in the beauty market for decades now.

He has always been concerned about the complaints that surround nail products.

He started to think about what the most important thing is to nail artists and what really want. The people who know this the best, is none other than nail artist themselves.

He soon set a goal to create real genuine products that nail artist could use.

He thought the most important thing was to create a product that nail artist wanted,

not just another product that could be used for profit.

The fundamental structure of the perfect nail polish should have a vivid color, be long-lasting, and also environmentally friendly as well.

After years of research and production, the first brand “Sweetcandy” was successfully launched.

Thankfully, nail artists around the nation recognized Barun’s effort without big marketing campaigns for the product.

Soon after, Sweetcandy was established as one of the top nail product brands in Korea.

Sweetcandy’s color line currently has over 240 colors, including seasonal collections. Every season collection has launched successfully, with massive sell outs each season.

In spite of this successful brand, Barun did not stop there. Nail artists voiced that they wanted these colors to be mixed with glitter.

Most nail artists could not find a high quality glitter nail polish brand with vibrant colors.

Barun soon headed back to the lab and began to make glitter nail polishes.

Mixing various glitter particle powders and color gel polish was not easy.

These particles were very sensitive and easily changed and influenced by the environment. After a few years of countless research, they created 60 different colors of

premium glitter polish known as “Cats me”

“Cats me” became a massive hit in the premium glitter brand just like Sweetcandy.

Every season, the seasonal collections released sold out immediately.

Now “Catsme” has more than 100 color glitter polishes.

The next brand to be launched is called “CLASSIC.”

“CLASSIC” is the best color collection combination of “Sweetcandy” and “Catsme”.

Barun has also introduced a new rental service of gel polish.

This is called the “Nailcation system,” only available under Barun.

Candyclassic80 and Catsmeclassic40 are the basic and best color collections for nail salons. This rental service is a unique system that no one else has used before.

The Barun company is one of the top nail product brands in Korea.

All of the nail products are created by the best researchers and high-skilled technicians. We hope our products can establish trust and feel satisfied with our products not only domestically but globally as well.

We will always do our best and keep researching for the beauty market.

“The Barun”’s means “right” in Korea.

We hope we will be one of the leading companies in the beauty market and continue to help grow a healthy beauty culture for all beauticians around the world.